Sunday, July 06, 2014

Emotional mastery creates new possibilities!

A thought provoking article called "Generating Emotions" shares:

"Your emotions are your inner guidance system. They fuel you as they drive many of your decisions and actions, for better or for worse. They add to the quality of your life, and can rob you of vitality. Your emotions reveal what you truly love and value. They nourish your creative, artistic and intuitive abilities. In fact, having all the wealth in the world does not matter if you do not feel good."

"You have a wonderful capacity to feel a vast array of emotions, from sorrow to elation; anxiety to peace; frustration to relief. Moreover, you can experience those emotions within minutes, each one colouring your perception, adding or subtracting from the quality of a moment. You can feel uplifted and radiant when someone compliments you about how great you look at a party, but also uncomfortable when you scan the room, catching a glimpse of someone who you have had a conflict with. As you hear the news that an old school friend of yours has been diagnosed with cancer, your emotions sink further, but are uplifted by a bear hug that you receive from an old friend that you have not seen in a long time!"

"But you have been conditioned to seeing yourself as being separate from the world rather than as being part of your world. You have been trained to only have feelings about something in response to something that has already occurred outside of yourself. If, as the ancient traditions suggest, you are participating within a holographic Multiverse, rather than being mere observer; if everything is ultimately one and that an independent, detached reality does not exist; then when you take the time to generate a new emotional response to something in your life, you effectively create a new template of possibility that is available for anyone to access. You become an emotional generator."

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