Friday, April 11, 2014

Pleasure Evolution?

Rob Breszny posted on FB today the following.

"Dear Beauty and Truth Lab: Though I respect what you're trying to do to boost the endorphin levels of the masses, I must insist that you begin taking into account a factor you have apparently thus far ignored: Pronoia must recognize and account for the fact that up to 70 percent of womankind never get their full orgasm experience."

"It's bad enough in the Western world, where many men don't even seem to know about the existence of the clitoris, let alone realize that sexual intercourse cannot induce a clitoral orgasm in a majority of women." "But even worse: the millions of girls who are brutalized with clitoridectomies in the Moslem world, and other hundreds of millions of Third World women who haven't reaped the benefits of Western culture's mild gender revolution."

"Here's what I say: Ecstatic female pleasure is a radical pronoiac solution to the global epidemic of male violence and ecological terrorism. I mean this literally. Sex is as much an elemental force as the winds and tides and thunderstorms. The muzzling of the female libido on a global level is the equivalent of trying to suppress the weather. And the consequences are just as weird. The tender, poignant penis has turned into the doomsday machine. Mother Earth gets wasted by the lurid hot dry 'sexy' violence of the berserk cosmodemonic phallus."

"But when I talk about ecstatic female pleasure, I don't mean simply some quantitative increase in clinically measurable orgasms. I'm talking about the kind of passion that generates compassion. Eros that lights up our political and ecological chakras. Sex beyond sex. The kind of reverent lust that enlightens you to how you're partly responsible for every other life on this planet, and gives you the power to feel the pain of people in distant locations with the same intensity you would feel an intimate companion's pain."

"Please consider filling in this gap in your otherwise enlightened program for world liberation." 

—Future Author of "The Clitoral Monologues" [Rob wrote] Dear Future Author: I agree with you. I have actually written a great deal on related subjects in one of my previous books, "The Televisionary Oracle." It's a basic text informing the Beauty and Truth Lab's ongoing experiments.

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