Friday, January 31, 2014

The heavens within my body

Heavens open
Like a heart full of joy
To all of the voices
Holding hands of light
Singing the one sound
Which is created 
By the well being of all beings
In all realms
In all time

Resonating silence
Effulgent fragrant choir
Fills every star cell
Of the galaxy 

Of my body

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"Evolutionism" vs "Creationism"

At the core of the debate between scientism and religion is the disagreement as to the nature of matter, life and consciousness.

For example – as you know–  each would have an entirely different way of answering the question which is emblematic of the debate: "What is the nature of the force that governs and drives 'natural selection'?"

Were we to take a more integrated and multidisciplinary approach to understanding life we may have a more comprehensive, and intellectually satisfying, explanation of the questions of how we got here, and how we solve the world's greatest challenges.

One of my favorite ideas is consilience – the convergence of many disciplines into a more comprehensive understanding of reality. Here's a link to a book named "Consilience" which is a favorite of mine.

For those curious about these ideas, there's a number of items which are not usually brought to mind in the conversation between "Creationism" and "Evolution" 

Amit Goswami – Physicist who was first brought to my attention through the movie "What the Bleep DoWe Know?"  

Henry Bergson who's anti-Darwin theories won a nobel prize.

Alternatively - Wendell Berry is an outspoken critic of E.O. Wilson's book  – in his book "Life is a Miracle" 

Similarly, rational philosopher, Thomas Nagel wrote an extremely thought provoking book “Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False,”   

Here's an article which sums up his book.

I offer these in the spirit of open inquiry with no conclusive result.

One thing is for certain for me – neither of the belief systems provided by Evolutionism nor Creationism offer a sound explanation which effectively explains the the origins of intelligent life and consciousness, which really inspires me to continue to learn more every day.