Thursday, August 22, 2013

Longing for a true soul mate? Spiritual partnership is a path for true intimacy, true fulfillment....

"There is no security in spiritual partnership. Spiritual partners are together to grow spiritually, not sooth one another's fears. On the contrary, they support one another in experiencing their fears and healing the sources of them. Spritual partners are patient and caring, but patience and caring are not enough to keep them together. They appreciate one another, but appreciation is not enough either. They love one another, but even love is not enough. Only commitment to creating authentic power can keep spiritual partners together through the challenges of unearthing, experiencing, and healing frightened parts of their personalities. Five-sensory individuals in old type relationships commit to one another, their relationships, and their five-sensory goals. Spritual partners commit to growing spiritually into supporting one another in growing spiritually." From the book "Spiritual Partnership" by
Gary Zukav photo source Ren on pinterest.

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