Thursday, July 04, 2013

The question of the nature of consciousness in world process is not properly addressed by either science or religion....

Our modern mainstream culture has yet to arrive at a teleological understanding and cohesive way to incorporate the nature of mind and consciousness into a clear worldview.

Thomas Nagle in his book "Mind and Cosmos" addresses the topic head on:

"To sum up: the respective inadequacies of materialism and theism as transcendent conceptions, and the impossibility of abandoning the search for a transcendent view of our place in the universe, lead to the hope for an expanded buy still naturalistic understanding that avoids psychophysical reductionism. The essential character of such an understanding would be to explain the appearance of life, consciousness, reason, and knowledge neither as accidental side effects of the physical laws of nature nor as the result of intentional intervention in nature from without but as an unsurprising if not inevitable consequence of the order that governs the natural world from within.  That order would have to include physical law, but if life is not just a physical phenomenon, the origin and evolution of life and mind will not be explainable by physics and chemistry alone. An expanded, but still unified, form of explanation will be needed, and I suspect it will have to include teleological elements."

"All that can be done at this stage in the history of science is argue for the recognition of the problem, not to offer solutions."

Who's willing to recognize the question and recognize the problem with me?

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