Monday, July 08, 2013

"Peer mutualism" - a new framework and language for the common good in response to PRISM?

There's much to be done to reboot our systems, as the world's protests are recognizing the flaws. Going back does not appear to be the way, yet what is the way forward?

Yochai Benkler, author of "Wealth of Networks"  articulates a path forward "peer mutualism." as described in this article published about him:
"Based on several examples of working anarchies in the networked environment Benkler argued that peer mutualism works in certain contexts. Even though it is not perfect, it provides people with a new degree of freedom."
"As individuals inhabiting a world of interlocked imperfect systems, we are susceptible to power shaping our perceptions, preferences, policies and principles as well as our actions, outcomes and configurations. Peer mutualism offers us a new way to bob and weave between those systems."
"The core questions are how much of what people care about can be done in non-market, non-proprietary, non-governmental models? Do peer mutualism models offer enough of a solution space? And how corruptible are these nonhierarchical and noncoercive models?"

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