Saturday, July 20, 2013

Loving service heals and nourishes all of us...

Loving service to uplifting those around us is deeply nourishing to the movement of "Evolutionary Changemakers" 

Service to others feeds the soul with meaning, and addresses core existential crisis outlined below which many of us feel in response to our society's challenges.

Through service we discover the world is alive with meaning and intelligence. Many of us have been caught, according to Richard Tarnas,
"between the inner craving for a life of meaning and the relentless attrition of existence in a cosmos that our rational scientific world view has assured us is empty, dead, devoid of all purpose."
"The great irony suggested here of course is that it is just when the modern mind believes it has most fully purified itself from any anthropomorphic projections, when it actively construes the world as unconscious, mechanistic, and impersonal, it is just then that the world is most completely a selective construct of the human mind. The human mind has abstracted from the whole all conscious intelligence and purpose and meaning, and claimed these exclusively for itself, and then projected onto the world a machine. As Rupert Sheldrake has pointed out, this is the ultimate anthropomorphic projection: a man-made machine, something not in fact ever found in nature. From this perspective, it is the modern mind's own impersonal soullessness that has been projected from within onto the world--or, to be more precise, that has been projectively elicited from the world." from "The Passion of the Western Mind"
Serve others with love and free your heart to evolve!

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