Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mastering the Flow of Soul Currency

"Love and forgiveness for both yourself and others is the pre-requisite for fulfilled living and prosperity. You are constantly in the flow of energy. Any thoughts of fear, resentment, anger, vengefulness, or unworthiness repel the very energy that circulate goodness. In the presence of such thoughts, the energy of creative flow takes a detour and moves around you instead of through you. The person who exemplifies being outside the flow of soul currency is one who always has many possibilities but sees few if any come through. Or this person may be one who feels stuck in a situation or faces constant delays."
"We are the vehicles through which soul currency operates and we are its very essence. Through our choices and intentions — our enterprises — we join with this energy in the infinite continuum that flows throughout all eternity, returning to the source. The key to becoming a master of the material world is to become aware of how the energy of creation simultaneously flows through us and is us."

"Being a master of soul currency means that you have mastered the ability to listen to the spiritual side of yourself that is your connection to the Divine. (No, this doesn't necessarily mean that God will tell you to quit your job, move to a remote region of the country and start an animal rights project, although if you would love to do these things you certainly are free to choose them.) Spirit gives you choices, including the choice to be happy, prosperous, and fulfilled doing what you already love in your daily life. You can learn to live in the flow of soul currency." - Ernest Chu from Soul Currency

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