Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Luminous Space of the Heart

The whole goal of living is to become aware of our infinite heart-connection with all reality, the field of all beauty, awareness and conscious intelligence that has created you and of all the cosmos. To discover that you are NOT ONLY connected to the creative intelligence that dreamed the cosmos, but that YOU ARE the same creative intelligence that dreamed the cosmos. In the same way that a seed contains the tree.

‎"Wherever your mind wanders,
Wherever you journey,
Return to savoring
The Luminous Space of the heart!

Again and again return to
Where the breaths meet, fuse
and transform into each other.

Rest the attention in your blessed core
As you practice this, and continually be reborn into
The thrill of a new world."

- Vijnana Bhairava Verse 28 in "The Radiance Sutras"

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mastering the Flow of Soul Currency

"Love and forgiveness for both yourself and others is the pre-requisite for fulfilled living and prosperity. You are constantly in the flow of energy. Any thoughts of fear, resentment, anger, vengefulness, or unworthiness repel the very energy that circulate goodness. In the presence of such thoughts, the energy of creative flow takes a detour and moves around you instead of through you. The person who exemplifies being outside the flow of soul currency is one who always has many possibilities but sees few if any come through. Or this person may be one who feels stuck in a situation or faces constant delays."
"We are the vehicles through which soul currency operates and we are its very essence. Through our choices and intentions — our enterprises — we join with this energy in the infinite continuum that flows throughout all eternity, returning to the source. The key to becoming a master of the material world is to become aware of how the energy of creation simultaneously flows through us and is us."

"Being a master of soul currency means that you have mastered the ability to listen to the spiritual side of yourself that is your connection to the Divine. (No, this doesn't necessarily mean that God will tell you to quit your job, move to a remote region of the country and start an animal rights project, although if you would love to do these things you certainly are free to choose them.) Spirit gives you choices, including the choice to be happy, prosperous, and fulfilled doing what you already love in your daily life. You can learn to live in the flow of soul currency." - Ernest Chu from Soul Currency

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leadership empathy...

"The world is in desperate need of leadership that identifies common ground and is effective at communicating the benefits of acting on the common ground ideas to the point where it actually happens.
The level of empathy required to do this is only possible if the leader(s) has accepted all the conflicting ideas and emotions of the stake holders within him/her self.
Part of the required self acceptance necessary to be effective at this is includes simultaneously being at peace with our self and accepting both the need and capacity we have to bring greater acceptance of our unity to society." Scott Friedman

Monday, January 17, 2011

The beginning of immortality...

"Intellectual knowledge exists in and of the brain.
Because the brain is part of the body, which must one
day expire, this collection of facts, however large
and impressive, will expire as well.
Insight, however, is a function of the spirit.
Because your spirit follows you through cycle after
cycle of life, death, and rebirth, you have the
opportunity of cultivating insight in an ongoing fashion.
Refined over time, insight becomes pure, constant,
and unwavering. 
This is the beginning of immortality."
from the Hua Hu Ching 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saudi Government sponsored business conference to discsuss "Learning From Outer Space" and UFO's

I learned that Global Competitiveness Forum hosted by the Saudi Arabian Government - as "An annual program of activities attended by global business leaders, international political leaders, and selected intellectuals who share a common interest in competitiveness."

The forum is hosting a session called "Learning from Outer Space"

Of greatest interest is the description of the session.

 "Psychological and socio-cultural assumptions and preconceptions constrain us to a large extent, and shape our views of the universe so that we are inclined to find what we are looking for, and fail to see what we are not. Using knowledge gained from research in the fields of Ufology and the search for extraterrestrial life, what might we possibly learn about hindrances to innovation in other areas of inquiry?"

Indeed there are many unexamined assumptions which need revisiting to arrive at a sustainable civilization.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Relax now....

Ponder the possibility of this as a message from your evolved, integrated State of Loving Presence:

"You can relax now
Come on and open your eyes
Breathe deeply now
I am with you.
Oh my sweet sweet child
Who do you think you are
You are the child of God
And that will never change."

"You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now you hear my voice and
You can relax now
C’mon and open your eyes
And breathe deeply now
I am with you.
You are the love of my life
You are my one creation
You are eternity
And that will never change."

"You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now please hear my voice and
You can relax now
Cmon and open your eyes
And breathe deeply now
I am with you.
Oh my sweet sweet child
Who do you think you are
You are the child of God
That will never change."

"You are what you are.
You are eternity.
You are divinity.
That can never change.
That has never changed.
Just a dream…open your eyes and breathe.
You are eternity.
You are divinity.
You can relax now…you can.
You are a child of God.
Open your eyes and breathe
You can relax…" 
From You Can Relax Now – Shaina Noll