Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Spiritual bypassing" - spirituality as way of avoiding our shadows. Time to step toward our pain.

When I read this, I saw myself clear as ever. Wow.

"Have you ever:
    • Used spirituality as a sort of escape from reality, or as a way to avoid some painful aspect of your life?
    • Let yourself get taken advantage of or walked all over in the name of blind compassion?
    • Allowed your understanding of ultimate reality to help you avoid or push away your anger, believing such negative emotions to be "lower" or "less spiritual" than your enlightened ideals?
    • Used spiritual (or integral) terminology to relabel your own shadows, paving over the potholes in your own personality?"

    "If you are being completely honest with yourself, odds are you would answer "yes" to one or more of these questions. It might be difficult to admit--in fact it might be so subtle and so insidious it's difficult to evensee. But don't worry: you are not alone. In fact, we would be hard pressed to name a single teacher or practitioner who hasn't fallen into similar traps at one time or another. Fortunately, we have people likeRobert Augustus Masters and Ken Wilber to help us recognize, confront, and embrace these flickering shadows of spiritual bypassing--offering us a path from from self-deception to self-liberation, from idiot compassion to enlightened action, from effete escapism to the moment-to-moment enactment of infinite and boundless love."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Taking responsibility for how we're creating Reality. Now.

"We must very deliberately examamine our fundamental beliefs. Are they passive, simply explaining reality? Or are they active, giving structure to the Akashic Field, the quantum vacuum, to create experiences that reflect them? We will explore the possibility that the Akashic Field is essentially neutral, and will reflect in experience whatever strong convictionsand images we impose upon it. If we really know this, then we cannot interpret our experiences as verification of the truth of our convictions. As radical and preposterous as it may sound, maybe we make it all up as we go along, both on the individual and collective levels. Failure to even weigh such a possibility is the inherent danger of religious dogma. It constitutes a self-fulfilling prophecy-the belief in evil creates evil, and prophesies of doom engender apocalyptic scenarios.  This is most germane in surveying the religious insanity of the Middle East: Each side cleaves to its dogma and devotion, certain that the other is wrong and evil, while blithely unaware that both are reacting to manifestations of the underlying Akashic Field that they, themselves, have created.

We have reached a point in our development where we can function as conscious co-creators with the Divine.... We have the power to structure the Akashic Field with our thoughts, imaginings, and feelings, whether we are conscious of this aptitude or not. We must now take responsibility for doing so." 

"We must proceed with great caution. The ability to create is not tantamount to the ability to create wisely.  Once we become aware of how we manifest the content of our existence from the Akashic Field, we must also become aware of, and rigorously question, with what our manifestations  align themselves. Until fairly recently, the greater part of humanity has been thoroughly entrenched in egoic and pre-egoic mental structures, and has been unconsciously and rampantly cultivating from them.  Even most of those who live at the ego level, but who have a conscious awareness of the psychological techniques of manifestation, practice them from the intentionality of the ego, frequently believing that they are coming from a higher place."

"In recent years there has been an increasing presence of books, audio material, and workshops on the subject of manifestation. In and of itself, this is an encouraging sign, in that it indicates a fostering of inquiry and stronger sense of autonomy. The problem, however, is that nearly all of this material is being used for purposes antithetical to their aim - they are facilitating the augmentation of the ego. The ability to manifest is not a sign of spiritual evolvement or enlightenment. It is simply a skill - a use of available technology. What calibrates spiritual development is the tenor of our use of this technology-whether we employ it in the service of the ego or  of the Divine Plan."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reflections on Oneness...

There are lies in everyone's world view - truth is relative - in every context one can be a force of good and light or fear and separation. There are many paradoxical parallel world views - core is to be true to oneself, connect to beauty and love inside oneself, integrate all aspects shadow and light into coherence and act accordingly. Trust the inner guidance toward awakening to full integration of self - recognizing that the entire cosmos is an expression of one's consciousness. From that view - "all 'others' are 'me' in a 'them' costume to teach me, and provide gifts for the evolution of my consciousness."