Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Evolutionary Leaders gather at UCLA

I went to "Evolutionary Leaders" event - with all the "Who's Who" in the "conscious movement"

Saw many friends - and encountered some lovely "leaders" who I have met in the past - Lynne Twist, Arielle Ford, Debbie Ford, Michael Beckwith, Steve McIntosh, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, etc. and some who I had not Bruce Lipton, Duane Elgin, Don Beck and others. A very broad spectrum of some of the luminaries of the movement, all at once in one event.

I met Barbara Marx Hubbard 20 Years ago - when we worked together on a project for a week. It was during the period that much of this work for me became very clear in my life...

That said, here we are 20 years later - all the "leaders" coming together to inspire "evolutionary leaders."

It was amazing to have all those people together on the stage at the same time - and in the seats in the hall.
Something about it though still rang of an "old paradigm" energy - leaders inspiring leaders - and people on the stage "delivering a message of urgency" to the people in the audience. I would have liked it for all of us to be in a massive circle together...

That said - it felt like an important step for all these leaders on the stage - for them to come together in solidarity and connect and work together and appear on stage together as a unified field. They demonstrated the unity of connectedness that needs to be embodied now. Even so, there was something about the way it is was done -the format, the assumption that a "message needs to be given" etc. which I feel is something from another timeline of activation, which we just stepped out of last night - and into a new timeline of collective embodiment of the evolutionary impulse.

Yet what last night represented to me was a culmination, a graduation of sorts, for all the people on the stage to be celebrated, acknowledged, connected, etc. so that the baton can be handed off. This was not unlike a ritual which marked the end of an era, a dynamic so that it could gracefully put to rest with sacred intention and honor. Once done we could move on. But this effort is the latest and best from this extraordinary group of people...who are some of the most important thought leaders of our time.

Meanwhile - check out the website - it actually has some very cool stuff on it - especially the "Evolutionary Leaders Toolkit" which appears to be a very succinct, and valuable document for all of us working together - in whatever area of life we live.

I also had a nice chat with Andrew Cohen - what a sweetheart - he's a little intense, yet very sweet energy... when I made a comment something to the effect "see you in the dream" he nudged me and said "it's all real!" - yes, another adjustment - I guess he's on the same team as all of my other spiritual guides - and filling in where you they left off... worry not - Greg nudges toward full awakening continue from all fronts from the cosmos!


Francis DellaVecchia said...

Nice one Greg. Thanks for being there to grab the baton.

Unknown said...

I was much less complimentary with my assessment of this event LOL

Unknown said...

I was much less complimentary on this event. Woke me up to the old paradigm at the heart of the MBS scene in US and it connection to capitalism / hierarchy