Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earth to Humans - From Worries to Memory Access and Retrieval - Awaken to the critical moment!

"Whatever you worry about it doesn't
matter. It still affects the planet's atmosphere, which is very
sensitive. And the planet's atmosphere doesn't need any more worry. So
cut out your worrying -- now! Follow your path and trust. Don't seek
anything and don't do anything because you think you'll get something
out of it by doing it. Just do what you need to do. Everything is going
to be all right. We're all standing in the planet's field of
intelligence, every single one of us. You gotta be ready for its
changes, its little adjustments. If you're worrying when the planetary
field of intelligence changes, then you miss it. You miss the moment
for memory access and retrieval. And that could be the critical
moment!" from "Surfers of the Zuvuya:Tales of Interdimensional Travel" by Jose Arguelles

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