Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Earth to Humans - From Worries to Memory Access and Retrieval - Awaken to the critical moment!

"Whatever you worry about it doesn't
matter. It still affects the planet's atmosphere, which is very
sensitive. And the planet's atmosphere doesn't need any more worry. So
cut out your worrying -- now! Follow your path and trust. Don't seek
anything and don't do anything because you think you'll get something
out of it by doing it. Just do what you need to do. Everything is going
to be all right. We're all standing in the planet's field of
intelligence, every single one of us. You gotta be ready for its
changes, its little adjustments. If you're worrying when the planetary
field of intelligence changes, then you miss it. You miss the moment
for memory access and retrieval. And that could be the critical
moment!" from "Surfers of the Zuvuya:Tales of Interdimensional Travel" by Jose Arguelles

10 Easy steps for becoming an evolutionary homemaker

Shannon Hayes wrote in Yes Magazine:
"10 Easy Steps for Becoming a Radical Homemaker
  • Commit to hanging your laundry out to dry.
  • Dedicate a portion of your lawn to a vegetable garden.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Cooperate to save money and resources.
  • Go to your local farmers' market each week before you head to the grocery store.
  • Do some spring cleaning to identify everything in your home that you absolutely don't need. Donate to help others save money and resources.
  • Make a commitment to start carrying your own reusable bags and use them on all your shopping trips.
  • Choose one local food item to learn how to preserve for yourself for the winter. Get your family to spend more evenings at home, preferably with the TV off.
  • Cook for your family.
  • Focus on enjoying what you have and who are with. Stop fixating on what you think you may need, or how things could be better "if only.""
Photo Chiot's Run

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tests for Growth

"There are various tests to which a devotee is subjected: they could be of the mind, or the intellect, of the body, and so on. A number of such tests are there. In fact, God is conducting tests all the time; every occurrence in life is a test. Every thought that crops up in the mind is in itself a test to see what one's reaction will be. Hence one must be always alert and aloof, conducting oneself with a spirit of detachment, viewing everything as an opportunity afforded to gain experience, to improve oneself and go on to a higher stage."     Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Warriors of love and light or Servants of Love and Light?

I know that many of our circle will call us "light warriors" "love warriors" etc. And in many respects the "peace" movement is a war on war, the environmental movement a war on environmental aggressors...

Yet in putting down our swords, we find that light and love are more effective "war free."
In my spiritual work of dealing with beings and entities of all sorts and dimensions, kind and not-so-kind. Of late I have found that effectively dealing with them has been to embody soveriegn light and conscious connection to source while firmly informing them of the conscious connection to source that we share, and that there is a oneness that trumps any dark agenda or malevolence, war, struggle, fight etc.

Which has all inspired me to explore new ideas and ways to express as a servant of light and love, rather than a warrior of light and love.In other words, when there is no fight, there is no fight.