Monday, May 03, 2010

Interested in Tantra? It's all about equanimity...

In an article recently published in LA Yoga Magazine, Robert Svoboda beautifully clarifies the ins and outs of the mysterious path known as "tantra" wherein he describes it as a path to spiritual, emotional and physical equanimity - "samarasa."

In the west tantra is often confused as a path relating only to sacred sexuality - "Those in the West who have heard of Tantra usually equate it with marathon-length, well-lubricated sexual encounters."

"The search for samarasa is a primary goal of the Indian spiritual path known as Tantra, a science about which much is speculated today, and little is known. Simultaneously more and less than a “religion,” Tantra is a corpus of beliefs and practices, developed over many millennia by loose affiliations of nonconformist seekers, who sought to free themselves from their numerous limitations and become truly independent, or svatantra (literally, “self- functioning”). Once svatantra, a human can live immersed in samarasa as a well-integrated individual, freed from one-sidedness, personal idiosyncrasies, and pointless preferences"