Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Evolutionary Energies creating an enlightened World Order - Through Us

From The Collapsing Tower - Birth Pangs of Post Ego Civilization

"What is being born now is a completely new consciousness and reality that is a nonlinear break from the past. You may re-read Newsletter 04 to gain a deeper understanding of this concept. The Old Way is rapidly dying in order that the New Way can be born. Essentially, Day Six marks the demarcation between one reality and another. This doesn’t refer to a transition. It’s a quantum leap. And thinking it’s a transition will cause you to get stuck in the past."

"I’m speaking here of the death of the ego and all it represents. With regard to this it’s essential to study your own Enneagram type and practice the exercises discussed in the last two Newsletters. You must also practice being more conscious of your effects on others and the environment. The Internet article Calleman wrote on the Rebirth Celebration has another article connected with it called, The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth; The ecology of choice and transformation in a rapidly changing world by Joseph R. Giove in which he states:"

"Those who focus on what’s falling away, melting, dissolving—on what is no longer supported by the new evolutionary energies—may become despondent, fearful, scarce in their thinking, jealous of opportunities, possessive of their resources, and mindless to the consequences of their actions on others and on the environment. This is the very behavior that is no longer supported by the underlying evolutionary impulses. Any system of a personal, social, economic, political, educational, commercial, or medical nature that was based on features of scarcity, separatism, greed, domination, control, imbalance, force, conflict, etc. have lost their energetic foundation and are dissolving back into the void as we speak. Amen and respectfully, good riddance."

"The new evolutionary energies are supporting the creation of systems based on collaboration, harmony, equality and interconnectedness. Alignment with these will manifest an Enlightened World Order, distinct from the elitist/fascistic “New” World Order currently attempting to enslave the world in a neo-feudalistic nightmare. Giove cautions:

"However, being focused on the dissolution of old systems may blind us to these new emergent properties and to the magical nature of our times. This blindfoldedness will inevitably disempower us and prohibit our eyes-wide-open involvement. It will stop us from asking pertinent questions, the answers of which will ignite our own personal fulfillment and purpose now. Questions like: What are the characteristics of this new evolutionary wave that is impinging on my inner nature? What is the deeper meaning of global warming, economics, increasing novelty and accelerating time from an interior, self-reflective point of view…the “inner ecology” of personal transformation? How can I best serve this unfoldment for my personal and community welfare? How can I quicken my own alignment with these new and exciting transformational energies being released upon the planet now?"

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