Saturday, March 06, 2010

Humanity is not limited to one Gender, so how can God be?

We know that humanity is not limited by gender, and therefore the Divine must not be limited as well. Yet somehow the Abrahamic religions overlook this by embracing a dominant, male, distant and often violent view of Divinity.

Divinity pervades all nature, and the connection with all life. The views that incorporate the feminine traits of nurturing strength, connectedness of all life, divinity of embodiment and our world as a sacred manifestation are also views that frequently embrace a view that includes the feminine archetypes connected with God.

A couple of books - Chalice and the Blade and Not In His Image elaborate on this truth, and give a history of how we forgot Nature and the Divine Feminine in modern Religious life.

I'm very keen on the recognition that to revere nature fully incorporating the feminine into our archetypes and spirituality is essential.

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