Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At the leading edge....

"Individuals at the leading edge who change in a dramatic way and who are consistently able to manifest what evolutionary development and spiritual enlightenment look like will inevitably affect, in a powerful way, the world they come into contact with. Humbly aspiring to be a good person just won't be enough to make any real difference. Boldly aspiring to be a great person, as much as we may fall short of that goal, makes room for the evolutionary impulse, which is our own Authentic Self, to surge through the very core of our being. And that is what has the power to change the world."

Andrew Cohen

Friday, June 05, 2009

Adjusting the very core of our values - an excerpt from an amazing book

Here's a quote from the amazing book "The Sacred Book of U"


"When we are cut off from the invisible Source from whence all things come, blind to the innate value and purity within ourselves and no longer recognizing the magic of Life in our children, we then give the highest value to the accumulation of wealth and fall into worshiping external idols. In any place where there is war and violence, we will not have to look far to identify leaders who worship the idols of money and power and then use fear to manipulate and control population."

"On the other hand, if we align with the invisible sacred Source touching the song within ourselves, we open our hearts to the diversity and abundance that is everywhere evident in Creation. We can then recognize our children as our mirrors; the environment as our mirror; even our enemies as our mirrors. Let us look squarely into the mirror and see our own faces. Then, let us reclaim our own power to create and manifest."