Monday, May 25, 2009

Past Life Research at University of Viginia

My friend Jessica McCrea, Psy.D shared with me that one of her colleagues who does not necessarily believe in reincarnation began to regress clients to birth, and then earlier to get in touch with their essential nature.

What began to happen is that her clients began to share many accounts of distinct memories of past lives related to the issues that they were working out in their current situations.

We were discussing this with a friend over dinner and he shared that there is a body of research on the matter at University of Virginia. There is a whole department called The Division of Perceptual Studies working on many issues.

Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives
Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)
Veridical NDEs**
Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs)
Apparitions and After-Death Communications
Deathbed Visions

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


LA Yoga Magazine just published an interview with Carolyn Myss who is an expert in energy medicine, mysticism and spirituality.

She spoke of issues affecting the collective psyche of our society and how we must mend our inner state of being in order to bring about a better world around us.

She discussed the importance of community as the essential component for our journey of collective healing:

"Gather with others and share your creativity. This is what the wondrous Teresa of Avila calls creating a circle of grace with your friends. Start with three people and gather around a potluck dinner. Invite everyone to bring something, a dessert, or dinner to share. Bring in strangers and new friends, and whether you gather once a week or once every two weeks, the object is to make this gathering something to look forward to and make it a routine where you have a wonderful meal and read something inspirational that lifts consciousness, whether it’s a poem, a prayer or writing that gives hope. Become companions and share networks of information, what’s working and not working. Go around and see how everyone is doing and share creative ideas with each other. But keep it positive. Do not let this slip into a wound support group. Such gatherings are not about talking about the past. They are about nurturing each other and supporting each other’s spirits as well as sharing ideas. This is about making everyone feel positive on their life’s journey and about helping people network, and saying, “I know someone who could help you: I know this contact, I know that contact.” This is about becoming a soul resource: a body, soul, mind and intellectual resource, nurturing the stomach, the heart and the soul."

Robert Anton Wilson explains quantum field theory