Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Making Changes that Stick

My long time friend Jessica McCrea is a wonderful therapist based in Boulder, CO.

Her latest blog entry really spoke to me:

"Making Changes the Stick

For years, I have been on a quest for the most efficient and effective way of helping clients move through whatever holds them back. I finally landed on a technique called "Brainspotting". This is a new and (I believe) vastly improved iteration of EMDR (see "What is EMDR" in my Resources to learn more).
With this user-friendly method, I get to witness my clients quickly process and release distressing experiences and patterns.
Another remarkable thing about Brainspotting is that it can help cultivate present-moment awareness and peace of mind. I see one client after another come to a deep sense of knowing. They start to move toward their life goals in a more purposeful way, becoming happier in so doing.
At a time when many are withering from the constriction that comes with the fear of insecurity, discovering the capacity for profound expansive shift is especially valuable now.
In fact, making such shifts is also a service to others. As I mentioned in "Emotional Contagion at Work", when you shine your light more brightly, when you start to express your true essence, you give others a contact high. It is also true that when you become better integrated and more present, you naturally become better able to tune in to the experience of others. Awareness enhances empathy.
It's all about developing that prefrontal cortex so that you can sustain a reflective stance, which means being able to think about your feelings and sensations as they occur. When you develop your mind in this way, you are more likely to make lasting positive changes because you recognize the truth of your full range of experience, and come to hold that truth with compassion.

To your neural integration!"


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