Sunday, March 01, 2009

dealing with other's negativity? Here are some tools.

This article written in 2004 is a beautiful perspective on dealing with challenging dynamics in others, and ourselves.

"We are in a time of great planetary change and these changes are playing out on many levels. A high stakes inter-dimensional battle for survival is being waged by the Dark Energies who have held sway over this planet in the dark age of the Kali Yug. We are inundated with artificially induced bio-electric conditions of depression and dread that are amplified by the media through a series of contrived ominous events designed to keep us in increasing states of fear and worry. This proliferating negativity is intensified by the anxiety that comes from the disorientation caused by the “thinning of the veils” between the various levels of reality. Many of us are experiencing increased psychic abilities as a result of these higher frequency energies, and this is making us more aware of and sensitive to the negative forces."

Also Harijiwan wrote an article on "the aquarian age" which feels relevant:

"Breathe long and deep. See within the light of the ten thousand suns, let the awareness of breath be the acknowledgment of our creative power, of our own cycle of existence, our own eternal spiritual self within the creation of the human self, and express the vast interconnection with all through the timeless way of kindness, compassion, and love.

Yogi Bhajan has given us the five Sutras of the Aquarian Age:
Recognize that the other person is you.
There is a way through every block.
When the time is on you, start, the pressure will be off.
Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
- Vibrate the Cosmos, Cosmos shall clear the path."

Photo of the author, amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher Harijiwan by Noel Cianci

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