Thursday, January 08, 2009

Zen DeBrucke - a leader to help people manifest the lives of their choice!

My new friend Zen DeBrucke is founder of "Smart Soul Academy" to help people become more fulfilled in their lives.

Her website states:

"Smart Soul Academy was developed to empower you to remove the shadows and blocks in your life to become your most authentic self. To be clear enough to make the right choices with COURAGE, peace and boldness. Being able to teach this to you is a privilege and both my mission and my passion. The Smart Soul Academy method of teaching is tangible and hands-on, giving you a unique opportunity to participate and create ground breaking changes in your life every single day."

"Participants in our program report they are more centered, patient, understanding and vastly more confident. While some changes happen quickly, the best results come when you stay the course and practice the Smart Soul path, even when it is difficult - in fact, especially when it is difficult."

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