Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sovereign Integral...

From a web article of James who created a website called Wingmakers.

"The change I want to see in the world is that people begin to see themselves as multidimensional beings whose core is the Sovereign Integral that is the distillation of First Source in a singular, human expression. If people were only in tune with this frequency, they would understand that all is united in oneness, equality, and truth. This is the definition of the Grand Portal as it has been disclosed by the WingMakers mythology for the past ten years."

"Each individual is a portal unto themselves, and this portal is the access point to the interdimensional worlds of the Sovereign Integral, where the human instrument, like a space suit, is finally removed and the individual realizes their true, infinite nature. And in this realization, understands that everyone – EVERYONE – is equal in this state, and in this equality we are ONE. The Grand Portal is when humanity stands-up as ONE BEING to this all-encompassing realization and then we transcend the suppression framework and express as Sovereigns."

"2012 is a single page in the “book” called the Era of Transparency and Expansion. The life of deception – the era of veils over veils over veils – is dissipating, provided enough people rise up within themselves and honor the Sovereign Integral within by expressing its truth. But to do this, people must become attuned to its consciousness apart from the HMS, and this is the course of action that people must engage in."

The seeking of information is over. The seeking of a master, guru, religion, spiritual path, or way-shower is over. The seeking of objects of blame is over. The seeking of hidden information behind the dark forces is over. It is the expression of the Sovereign Integral consciousness and the deactivation of the suppression framework that becomes the focus of each individual in this new era."

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Life Physics Group-California said...

Sovereign integral... quite an accurate term that, from our point of view, expresses the make up of how the human COBE (complex oscillating biological entity) really is - expressive in more than just the immediate space/time ratio in which we exist physically. Jaime Neruda, of Czech ancestry, was a member of the presumed ACIO. Regardless of the verity or smokescreen of this claim, a great deal of the meme he's managed to build in the last 12 years is quite a mythology in itself. This latest thought platform - sovereign integral - drives a different bargain for the human pluribus unum. From our viewpoint, it sings our song but it is unfinished and incomplete, which raises issues and questions I would like to deal with here, if I may.

In this day an age of easy access to etherspace and de Sitter spaces, secrets are literally no longer possible. Consider etherspace as a catchterm for anything that opens doors to the subquantum, the ether, the vacuum, the plenum - multiple terms signifying the same thing. Jaime claims to use a "form of remote viewing" and indeed he does. Morphologically, however, what he uses is quite more "advanced" than what the Meade boys did. What is also interesting is that, for the last ten years, what my colleagues and I at LPG-C (Life Physics Group-California) have been tracking has to do precisely with the claims made by Neruda about the sovereign integral as an individual unison collective and about the political ecology in which we find ourselves here on Earth vis-a-vis other members of the living whole (biological and transversal. The claim Jaime makes for openness, forthright speaking, transparency and expansion falls at the feet of what he claims is the case with regard to Anu as the multifaceted, coy, conniving, and masterful embodiment of the Hollywood bad guy. Not that he is not: He is. We have run across him and his horde in the course of extension neurosensing (our name for the technology we use to do what Jaime and the ACIO do for similar purposes) session on the hunt for his/their deeds and plans and vector-intents. And he and SAMs (annunaki from the home planet) are not the only ones "out/in there" massaging our thoughtscapes and individual thinking - our, meaning the group thinking by specific surface areas on Earth. We have a project in which people like you and I, who have learned to do neurosensing from their homes under our guidance, have run and continue to run across these people on our near-space over all continents of Earth. Their pitch to us is direct and often forceful. But it is not successful, because people who meet them immediately recognize not so much who, but what they are and represent to us - our interests and integral coherence.

What this is leading to is that Jaime is leaving us to figure out for ourselves that the Quantum Moment is not enough; in fact, it is too little, and maybe even too late. To do what is necessary to awaken ourselves to what is, requires a withdrawal from everything the world is, represents, gives and takes, and otherwise signifies to each of us as definition of what and how "life" is and should be. There are things we can do for ourselves to agglutinate our integral in an overfunction that superposes Earth. It is this that we believe Jaime's current thrust produces, and therein we believe lies the devil - in the detail of how this works. What's most troubling is to not be able to tell whether he is a willing patsy or an unwitting participant to what all know must happen, but no one is telling how it will all have to work to make it work for us and not for anyone else. This takes us to the political ecology in which we are (whether we realize it or not) now playing.

There is much more to the scenario once painted by the man who brought us news of the so-called 'verdants.' This is actually, from the intelligence we've managed to gather over the last nine years, a diverse group of biological and transversal entities whose sense of worth is godly unto themselves and damned be the rest of us. There is a whole history on how the SAM became a pa