Sunday, December 28, 2008

Follow your intuition - and use tools, wisely!

Many people use the tarot, astrology, pendulums, etc. to get guidance on which direction to take in their lives.

Divination has been a core part of humanity for many generations.

Yet I have often felt a little hesitation to embrace fully any system, or outer authority, or message from cards as "absolute."

These tools are simply that, tools. Guideposts.

I am at a friends home and reading a book on his shelf "The Book of Shadows" and the author, Phyllis Currot speaks to this directly:

She speaks of her own experience with these tools:

"... as I became more proficient in their use, I began to see that the idea that life was predetermined, or already lived, is simply untrue. These oracles, these divining tools, are like a lighthouse to a ship at sea. They tell you where the shore is, where the rocks lie, offering guidance in a storm or on a dark and starless night. But ultimately, the decision as to how to chart your course is your own. Do you sail or motor, tack or run for a long haul? Do you head for port or push on? Your choices, your free will, your expectations, fears longings, beliefs all affect the outcome of events. A divinatory tool provides you information regarding forces, possibilities, and probabilities so you can make wise decisions. Most important, awareness, courage, compassion, and growth come from making your own choices and learning from them, not abandoning your responsibility to some mechanistic prediction. This was [is] the reals magical journey to maturity and to the divine."

I couldn't agree more.

In market economics during the current financial crisis, and the rewriting the sourcecode to civilization, these principals apply!

We are all leaders! It is definitely up to each one of us.

Seth Godin's recent book "Tribes - We Need You to Lead Us!" is a testament to this truth.

Take the torch and lead yourself and your tribe toward maturity, and to making love with the divine in every detail of your reality!

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