Monday, March 31, 2008

Sacred Mushroom Video from the '50s

This video is an old television program from the 50's discusses the sacramental use of mushrooms in Mexico and how they have "powers beyond belief" which have an "incredible effect on the powers of extrasensory perception."

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From an interesting article on Reality Sandwich - by
Preliminary results of a current study led by psychiatrist Charles Grob of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center suggest that psilocybin may reduce the psychological distress associated with terminal cancer. This research seeks to measure the effectiveness of psilocybin on the reduction of anxiety, depression and physical pain in advanced-stage cancer patients. Grob's study is almost complete; 11 out of 12 subjects have already been treated. Although the formal data analysis has not been completed, "my impression," Grob says, "from just staying in touch with these people and following them is that some do seem to befunctioning better psychologically. There seems to be less anxiety, improved mood and an overall improved quality of life. There also seems to be less fear of death."