Thursday, November 29, 2007

Continuous Creation - Imagine the big bang happening everywhere all the time

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blackberry Mystic - Luminoius Omnipresent Radiant Deity

My friend Bengt just sent me an amusing bit of prose written on blackberry while he was on the bus travelling to the city Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.


"What "LORD" Means"

LORD: Luminous Omnipresent Radiant Deity

An identity of supremacy over creation

Deities are theanthropic: both human and divine

In this case radiant light filled bodies

"God" is an identity. It is the attribute of the undefinable unbounded awareness called consciousness or self awareness. It is the particle of the dual wave/particle paradox.

Within us all are both qualities or somethingnesses. We both worship the light within as christ and are that light when we surrender the bonds of selfingness or identification with being a someone or something. Behind all That is the ground of being, where all wave forms, particles, selves, identities have their common essence. Calling it god is to reduce it to a noun when in actuality it is a glorious verb of eternal aliveness. It is the Spirit of that Aliveness that is the Spark of the Divine within us all.

Those that proclaim loudly their faith without the ability to consciously dissolve into the All Silent Radiance and Not Radiance (non-dual awareness) are false prophets. Their energetic fields enslave others to gain power and authority.

The healing of civilization is accomplished by actions big and small performed by persons acting in alignment and empowerment with that which cannot be named. They are the behaviors of the sage, the saint, the mystic, the wizard, the master, the Avatar, the illumed disciple and the Lover of Life and All Beings.

- Bengt

Painting "Sophia: the Thirteenth Aeon" by Vibrata Chromodoris

Friday, November 23, 2007

Okay people, it's NOT about the money!

It's about LIVING wealth, rather than HAVING wealth.

David Korten's Article in Yes Magine goes into all of it...

"Living Wealth: Better Than Money"

"If we are to slow and ultimately reverse the social and environmental disintegration we see around us, we must change the rules to curb the pervasive abuse of corporate power that contributes so much to those harms.

Taming corporate power will slow the damage. It will not be sufficient, however, to heal our relationships with one another and the Earth and bring our troubled world into social and environmental balance. Corporations are but instruments of a deeper social pathology revealed in a familiar story our society tells about the nature of prosperity."