Monday, October 15, 2007

Fear - "what isn't fear?" - rethinking planet's consciousness

These words speak volumes - from Hamilton Souther, a Shaman from Blue Morpho Lodge in Peru.

"First of all we need to address what is the planet's consciousness? The consciousness of the planet is our consciousness. There is no separation or difference. We make up the consciousness of the planet. What you know of Human Consciousness is your own consciousness. We need to address that reality and begin to explore and question our lives from that place. Most people are not ready for that kind of responsibility. It scares them to think that they are part and parcel of everything they don't like, blame and judge. We can then stop worrying about the planet and start looking at the problems in our relationship to each other. When we do that we will start to change the world. The planet is doing just fine. When we push it too far, it will push back and rebalance. That could look like a loss of a major part of the human population. That is what we do not want to see and what we fear. We fear being part of the restructuring and dying in it. We fear being meaningless, so we create concepts like the evolution of the plant's consciousness.

Let's get real and look at ourselves. Let's look at how we are the planet's consciousness and it is our darkness that permeates our thoughts. Let's transcend that darkness and see how the planet and others respond. We need to start loving, start thinking positively, start treating others with respect and start holding compassion for others. Traditional shamanism teaches those things....

...Fear, what isn't fear? Look around you, everything you see is a reaction to fear. Dividing the world into what you like and what you don't is a reaction to fear. Your job, all your feelings are a reaction to fear. Every thought you have ever had is a reaction to fear. It is all fear. The world is fear; society is fear; community is fear; family is fear; and all organization is fear. Who are you? Investigate it totally and take a walk of fear.

Try something new like a heart that feels from a stream-- instead of a memory. Forget fear by doing something new like loving. That sickly sweet thing is not love. That clingy thing is not love. That need is not love. That is all fear. Open your heart. Face the fear of opening your heart just once because you can do it. You can do it.

Just once and you will see that there is something more than the fear and when the world melts away there is only one thing left. You will still be there but you will experience yourself for the first time."

Painting by Paul Hussenstaum

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Juston said...

Ahhhh. What a blessing. I embrace us all as my first true love.
- Juston