Saturday, September 08, 2007

Burning Man: Synchronicitipaloozathon...

Burning Man - wow... how to describe? I wrote in an email to friends where I described BM as "An endless Interdimensional Mardi Gras and Carnaval for Mystics and Wizards inside a very large Salvador Dali Painting."

A continuous flow of Synchronicity.... that was the core of my experience and the experience of friends at Burning Man this year.

My friend Jason Keehn, AKA Cinnamon Twist, a veteran Burner, and I were talking yesterday and he noted that many people were discussing a heightened sense of Synchronicity, or was it that it was just another synchronicity....

Before I ventured to the desert, I wrote my latest entry as an offering to others who would join me.

Another friend of mine and I were talking about synchronicity yesterday and he summed it up for me ni an email. Here is my poem and his response:


Your poem makes my mind tingle with inquisitive excitement.
Reflecting on our conversation about synchronicity and not becoming
overwhelmed by the perfection of the moment and timing has been something
that's been floating around in my mind lately. By accepting the truth of our
power and perfection and not let emotions overwhelm and make us question
the divine purpose, presence and placement that we surround and embody ourselves with and everything around us, helps us evolve towards a higher consciousness that allows the space to bask and grow."

Yes, follow the story not the events!

As I arrived home, I walked in my front door and noticed the amazing oracle deck made by my friend Delvin Solkinson created.

The card "Clear Spirit" was on top with Robert Venosa's painting "Shroom Glow" as the artwork...hmmm.

I picked it up and read the words that Delvin wrote:

"open ceremony
medicine channel
life net
[getting dipped in the magic]

appearing through the veil
embracing the embrace
and working with the web
[planetary spiritual outreach]

healing textures
translating atmospheres into energy,
souls mingling
with the threads of return
[source magic]


Delvin's words describe my experience of Burning Man precisely.


For me it was the continuation of the synchronicitypaloozathon...delivering us to source.

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