Friday, August 24, 2007

The Guru

“You arise, are born, and manifest as an expression of identity, unaware of that which lies within you. As a single perceiver, you lose contact with the ocean of consciousness that floods your entire existence. Your only contact with the creation is through the limited fields of perception of the senses, and the sensations they generate only serve to produce an attachment that binds you to the very idea of perception itself.

Enormous spiritual resources of consciousness, energy, and life force are expended in the process of creating this envelope of experience. This dynamic produces an energy that we would commonly call desire, which gives rise to the endless wheel of birth, life, decay, and death.

The guru is an integral part of the ocean of consciousness that is the origin and cause of all things, an eternal spirit that arises at the inception of the creation. It is the guru that liberates you from the thrall of the senses, redirecting your attention to the ocean of consciousness which is your very nature. The guru is the grace-bestowing power of God, the incarnation of mercy, the essence of awakening.
” -- Mark Griffin

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