Sunday, June 03, 2007

News I'd Like to F#%k - the face of our shallow media

Watch this video from the Daily Show. It is a riff on how it appears that news anchors are selected according to how beautiful they are.

Although it is funny, it reveals the expression of media that is vapid and highly hypnotic...

The media as an information delivery mechanism is neither good nor bad, it is simply a tool used by it's operators to spread upliftment or the alternative. A majority of the corporate media players of our time who dominate the airwaves are using the media primarily in service to generating dollars. Having more dollars, or that which more dollars can buy - more stuff, does not necessarily mean more happiness.

Yet the corporate media, and it's primary funders - the advertisers, continues to state "more stuff means more happiness" - and other hollow promises.

A recent article in LA City Beat "Tuning Out The Left" addresses the issue "Your TV might have 500 channels, but media consolidation has all but guaranteed that progressive, alternative channels like Free Speech TV are not among them".

I am a full supporter of independent media, and a responsible corporate media who recognizes that the public airwaves are a commmons to which they are granted the right to use.

Thankfully, the internet is providing a counterbalance to the overcentralized garbage which dominates...

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