Monday, June 25, 2007

Our bodies, our emotions, our world, all one.

I just wrote an email to an intimate friend and thought I'd share the same on my blog:

"I was reading on the group blog to which I contribute '' and found the following article.

Although the author's writing doesn't describe my feelings, it speaks to a lot of the issues that I am aware of in myself, and our society. And she shares many feelings and insights which are very interesting to me, and relevant to our conversations about sexuality, feelings, body, awareness, etc.

I often feel that the deep emotions I feel in myself are often overlooked in my busy life. I am feeling a vast world of emotion, pain, love and grief that is an expression of my own story, and not for my own story alone. The more I feel connected to reality as it is, I feel a flood of emotions for the story of humanity, and the animals and plants. And the feelings of deep grieving that we have lost the innate sense of connectedness to our true nature that has been lost in our current collective situation."

Here's the link to the story - the story is long, yet it is worth reading all the way through to the end, even if you skim "Transforming the Repression of the Divine Feminine."

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