Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunspots, bees, quantum physics and flowers? Why flowers?

If you read my entry in my other blog on Bees dying off you'll learn about the alarming news...

A friend of mine sent a link to an article that says that the bees may be also dying due to another factor: sunspots affecting their dances that help them navigate?

Here's an excerpt on the high points and the link to the article:

"Since then, researchers have discovered that things such as the polarization of the light of the sun and local variations of the earth’s magnetic field affect the components of the dance, suggesting bees have sensitivities that would require re-writing our biology, physics and cosmology texts from scratch:

There is some research to support the view that bees are sensitive to effects that occur only on a quantum-mechanical scale. One study exposed bees to short bursts of a high-intensity magnetic field and concluded that the bees’ response could be better explained as a sensitivity to an effect known as nuclear magnetic resonance, or nmr, an acronym commonly associated with a medical imaging technique. nmr occurs when an electromagnetic wave impinges on the nuclei of atoms and flips their orientation. nmr is considered a quantum mechanical effect because it takes place only if each atom absorbs a particular size packet, or quantum, of electromagnetic energy.

If this were not enough, the results imply that bees can perceive quarks, thereby interacting with the quantum world without disturbing it in the ways both observed and predicted by quantum theory. And this perception would have to extend to the perception of quarks not as coherent structures, but as fields. In other words, bees may be able to perceive the unobserved quantum fields of zero-point energy, the much-debated property from which all of the phenomenal world may emerge in the eternal quantum moment.

The Stage: Sun and Earth

My feeling is that bees can detect flower essences simply because they have the quantum sensitivity to the energies that flowers emit.

Consider the importance of flower essences on these two websites:

They really speak for themselves:

Flower Essence Society



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