Saturday, April 21, 2007

Black Hole Cluster Emits Gas Cloud 6 Million Light Years Wide

Just think about what they are talking about.... just reported that scientists have identified a black hole emitting a gargantuan cloud.

To begin with, light travelling 186,000 miles per second takes 6 million years to span from one end to another of this cosmic blob. writes:

"The plasma cloud is located about 300 million light years away near the Coma Cluster and is spread across a vast region of space thought to contain several galaxies with supermassive black holes, or active galactic nuclei (AGN), embedded at their centers."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alexandro Jodorowsky, La Danse de la réalité

I recently saw the 1973 consciousness-shifting cult film "The Holy Mountain" of the amazing filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky. The film was entirely financed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and produced by Beatles manager Allen Klein and the film was not widely released until THIS YEAR.

Bottom line - go get it, and watch it!

He was recently interviewed and had some cool things to say.

BTW - we'll see about how long the humans will last. I think what we do in the next few years may be a determinant!

"How do you see the future of humanity ?

Human kind will live as many years as the universe. It will live until the end of the universe. It is its goal. It will then be acknowledged by the whole universe and will become its consciousness. Then it will create another universe.

You are one of the few artists that have a large audience who dares to illuminate people with fulguration.

Why should I try to touch people through politics ? I am not interested in political revolution, I am only interested in poetic revolution. Why shouldn’t I try to touch people by spiritual means ? I have a spirit. I can feel it. Why should I limit myself to being a rational being when I feel my unconscious is as big as an ocean ? And why should I see myself as limited when I feel that my thoughts are unlimited ? Why should I consider myself as having been defined when I feel indefinable ?

and at the end of the interview he finishes with this:

How can we end this interview ?
The best way to finish something is finishing it... But I would say that nothing ever ends. Everything carries on. Our paths have met. You’re going to follow your own path and I’m going to follow mine. We are not born, we don’t die. Everything is continuation. Since you alluded to the world’s future, have a look at this laid-back cat. If anybody were happy as this cat, then everything would be fine. There are moments of peace in this world, like this cat. If there is a moment of peace, it means that it exists.

Peace can be true, we have evidence of it...
The evidence - here it is - you see here we have a miracle. Look at the pleasure that this cat has in communicating with a human being. I’m not his master, I’m only a human being. It could take exactly the same pleasure with you. Do you want to see ? Take the cat...You see... Stroke it... Here it is, it’s yours. Peace is yours."

more here:
Alexandro Jodorowsky, La Danse de la réalité, Albin Michel

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Power, and Joy of Salons -- "to please and to educate"

The Power and Joy of Salons -- "to please and to educate"

Greg Wendt on
April 11, 2007 12:17 PM

SALON? Here's a definition from Wikipedia -- "A salon is a gathering of stimulating people of quality under the roof of an inspiring hostess or host, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation and readings, often consciously following Horace's definition of the aims of poetry, 'to please and educate (aut delectare aut prodesse est)' "

Imagine -- you are surrounded by very cool, very intelligent people, all of whom you would love to just sit down and talk with, and you do! Yes, I know it's not that novel an idea -- just a party with a focus -- but I found having a "conversation starter" quite a wonderful addition.

It all started when my close friend Professor Sthaneshwar Timalsina with San Diego State University called me to let me know that he is planning to attend the CA-Boom show this past weekend because he is casting about for ideas to build his new home. (BTW -- the CA Boom show was beautiful. A lot of the show exemplified fine examples of beauty and ecology intersecting with good design.)

I suggested to Dr. Timalsina that we hold a salon at my home on "Religion, the Body and the World," because he recently taught a class called "Religion and Ecology," which was very popular and recognized as exemplary by the Dean of the School. Dr. Timalsina is from Nepal and has spent many years both practicing and studying Tantric Philosophy and Sanskrit and currently teaches a broad range of classes in the Religious Studies department.

The evening was very stimulating, to say the least. Sthaneshwar was certainly a hit, as he spoke to the largely "eco-minded" crowd about the connection between how we perceive our body in a religious context and how that perception affects, or enhances our relationship with Nature. Very timely topics -- considering many of the ideas floating in the public discourse on the subject...

He writes: "This can be summarized as a way 'Eco-vision' where embodiment is the core of spiritual awakening. The main theme is 'Religion and the Body.' The body and emotions are often repressed and they are considered irrational. The institutionalized religions have a fallocentric vision of rationality and it tends to avoid the humane aspect. By bringing embodiment in the discourse, the objective of this discussion is to connect modern mankind and modern spirituality to Nature. The rejection of the body in religious discourse has often paralleled with the subordination of Nature and a subordination of the Maternal aspect of God. Therefore, this discussion we will explore the interaction between humanity, spirituality and Nature - evaluated through the non-dual, or Oneness point of view."

This is the first "salon" experience I have had in some time, and to say the least, I think it something I intend to do more, and to inspire my friends to do as well!

In order to feed the mind, body and soul, I suggest that whenever possible, get together, eat, be merry, discuss, think and partake in the joy of salons -- "to please and to educate" for a better world!

Amma's hospital in India takes in Iraqi children

Amma's hospital in India is AMAZING.

To Amrita Hospital With Hope From Iraq

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences extends a warm welcome and completes highly specialized cardiac treatments to the first batch of children from Iraq.

With characteristic open arms Amrita Hospital received 5 Iraqi children referred to the Institute by the National Iraqi Assistance Centre on the 15, of February 2007. Four of the five have successfully undergone complex cardiac surgeries and are now recovering at the hospital that has become internationally associated with advanced medical treatment of this nature.
Amrita Hospital has been performing heart surgeries for children supported by Rotary International, for a number of years, recently a connection through Rotary International was made with the NIAC offering the services of the hospital to children in need. Due to the high standards of care provided by the hospital the NIAC accepted the offer and sent the first batch of medical records to the hospital, scheduling of treatment was made, and the project has been quite successful.

The children were evaluated by the hospitals team of Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiologists, which included among its members, Dr. Suresh G. Rao, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Dr. Krishna Kumar, Chief of Pediatric Cardiology Division, both instrumental in the success of the surgeries. The patient’s heart conditions are due to congenital defects making surgery the only option for a full recovery and the chance for a normal life. These five children are the first batch of the 170 plus children scheduled for the advanced and specialized treatment that the institute has become synonymous with.

Previously, the N.I.A.C. a governmental agency in Iraq which provides medical care locally has referred patients to the USA, Turkey and Jordon. The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is the only hospital in India to receive patients from Iraq.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Conceptionless web

But the web of life also exists at the emotional level, and that would be the dimension we call love, and it would also be O. E. Wilson’s notion of “biophilia,” an instinct. He says all life has an instinct to love other biological living forms –biophilia. That’s the feeling that we have when we love trees, love the ocean, or love the rainforest. It’s not sexual love but it’s love in an embracing sense.

You could say that even beyond the mental there is a level of unity or oneness that goes beyond “web,” because “web” is still a concept, after all, a metaphor, a form. If you think of something like essence, or soul, or spirit, then you’re talking about formless consciousness. There are formless qualities of consciousness where there is a sense of union that can be felt, experienced, known and understood. Yet it is unable to be represented in any kind of conceptual form.

Ralph Metzner in my friend Andrew Beath's Book - Consciousness in Action

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunspots, bees, quantum physics and flowers? Why flowers?

If you read my entry in my other blog on Bees dying off you'll learn about the alarming news...

A friend of mine sent a link to an article that says that the bees may be also dying due to another factor: sunspots affecting their dances that help them navigate?

Here's an excerpt on the high points and the link to the article:

"Since then, researchers have discovered that things such as the polarization of the light of the sun and local variations of the earth’s magnetic field affect the components of the dance, suggesting bees have sensitivities that would require re-writing our biology, physics and cosmology texts from scratch:

There is some research to support the view that bees are sensitive to effects that occur only on a quantum-mechanical scale. One study exposed bees to short bursts of a high-intensity magnetic field and concluded that the bees’ response could be better explained as a sensitivity to an effect known as nuclear magnetic resonance, or nmr, an acronym commonly associated with a medical imaging technique. nmr occurs when an electromagnetic wave impinges on the nuclei of atoms and flips their orientation. nmr is considered a quantum mechanical effect because it takes place only if each atom absorbs a particular size packet, or quantum, of electromagnetic energy.

If this were not enough, the results imply that bees can perceive quarks, thereby interacting with the quantum world without disturbing it in the ways both observed and predicted by quantum theory. And this perception would have to extend to the perception of quarks not as coherent structures, but as fields. In other words, bees may be able to perceive the unobserved quantum fields of zero-point energy, the much-debated property from which all of the phenomenal world may emerge in the eternal quantum moment.

The Stage: Sun and Earth

My feeling is that bees can detect flower essences simply because they have the quantum sensitivity to the energies that flowers emit.

Consider the importance of flower essences on these two websites:

They really speak for themselves:

Flower Essence Society