Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Evolution of the Intersubjective Field

"The human mind develops only through relationship. If you leave a little baby to grow up with the wolves, he or she is not going to develop in the ways other children do. The evolution of our own consciousness is entirely dependent upon how profound is our capacity for relatedness, for creative relationship with other individuals. So in an evolved spiritual context, the nature and purpose of human relationship would be a creative engagement at the highest level that would mutually ensure evolution and development. The quality and content of our relationships is really the ground in which the evolution of consciousness can occur.

"Consciousness is One, not two. It's an infinite singular field that we are all sharing—a field that has no beginning and no end. So the evolution of consciousness is the evolution of that field itself."

"And it is only through the conscious cultivation of this intersubjective field, which occurs in the creative friction of intentional, awakened, focused human engagement, that consciousness evolves at the leading edge." -
Andrew Cohen

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Ron said...

We are all born with the capacity to meet our needs, but we are utterly dependent upon others to provide the opportunity for us to excercise that capacity. As such, we form groups and communities to enable us to meet our needs through relationships with other individuals. That is the origin and purpose of society and all it's component parts. In essence forming groups and communities provides social capital and these arrangements make things work.

One ultimate goal of society is to meet individual human needs in a sustainable way. The effectiveness of social capital in achieving that goal is a central tenant to be valued and judged in any society.