Friday, January 19, 2007

What makes you feel as good as sex or chocolate?

I have been doing alot of thinking about the power of co-creating, collaborations, community economics, mimicking "the web of life" in organizational development, etc. as key factors in helping get our civilization out of the mess we have created for ourselves.

I read in the latest issue of What is Enlightenment? Mag that collaborative behavior is the hallmark of evolution in our society.

David Korten wrote "Using magnetic resonance imaging to take portraits of brain activity, scientists have found that during laboratory excercises that the experience of forming a cooperative alliance with another person produces a strong positive response in the pleasure center of the brain - rather like eating chocolate or engaging in good sex."

A New York Times Article describes the experiments in greater detail.

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Michael Gaio said...

how synchronous Greg! it was just yesterday I had a major breakthrough in collaboratory experience ... and a full brain orgasm! (seriously)