Monday, January 15, 2007

A Postmodern Religious Sentiment

The seeker starts out on the spiritual path thinking, “I want liberation for myself—I want to be an enlightened human being.” But sooner or later, anyone who seriously pursues that aspiration in an evolutionary context comes to a point where it becomes glaringly obvious that there is something infinitely bigger than their own personal spiritual desires that is calling them. It's no longer “I want that” but
rather, “That wants me.” And that is a truly religious feeling—an authentic religious sentiment in a completely postmodern sense. That's the beauty of it: the arrogant postmodern ego always wants for itself, and the only thing that can really turn the tables on its unending craving is the startling recognition that the very thing you were searching for wants everything from you. It turns your whole world upside down. And I can't imagine anything that could be more appropriate for those of us at the leading edge at this pivotal moment in our cultural evolution.

Andrew Cohen

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Unknown said...

Hi Gregory,

I love this's one of my favorites AND my daily living experience, especially as a student of Andrew Cohen.

Hope you're should come out and visit us sometime at EnlightenNext in Lenox, MA.