Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius... 2.0 ???

"Forget the old future", my friend Michael Gaio wrote in his poem.

It's time to put all of our ideas about anything "new age" into the recycle bin and re-evaluate what it means right here, right now!

I wrote the following in my birthday party invitation (for tonight):

"In the past,alot has been said about the coming "Age of Aquarius" the coming of the "new age", the age of enlightement, etc.

For me, it signifies an an opportunity, a portal for us to seize our co-creative power and bring about the experience of "Heaven on Earth".

What about the "2.0" part?

It is time to revisit the "Aquarian Age" concept and for all of us to take responsibility in co-creating our experience and to explore how how we can express the 'The Aquarian Age' vision in our own unique way in our current collective lives...

And, in connecting to these ideas, I ask you to take a moment to sit with the following questions:

"How am I creating the 'age-of-aquarius' experience in my life, and community?"
"How can I become more present and loving to the people, plants and animals who I live with on this Earth?"
"How does the life that I express here and now serve the highest good for myself and the whole world?"
"How can I collaborate more with others in bringing about a world where all beings flourish?"

I would suggest that you not immediately seek the answers, quick answers are not necessary. Starting right here, right now, let these questions take up permanent residence inside of us, and "live the questions" moment by moment. As Rilke said "and the point is to live everything. Live the questions now."

Well, yes, I believe all this woo - woo stuff has some "substance" as it were...
my friend Jim Fournier very astutely wrote the following. I excerpt below:

An Astronomical Argument Explaining Why Y2K was the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

by Jim Fournier
January 23, 2007

"...Once one understands this relationship it suddenly becomes clear what precise astronomical event the popularized western prophecy actually describes. When the Winter Solstice point, which is by definition the first degree of Tropical Capricorn, conjoins the galactic equator, which we can now see marks the exact boundary between Sidereal Sagittarius and Scorpio--you have but to look at the sky on a summer evening to see the Milky Way between the teapot and the scorpion, which themselves visibly mark the division between the first degree of Sidereal Scorpio and the last degree of Sidereal Sagittarius--then three signs away the Vernal Equinox point, marking the boundary between Tropical Aires and Tropical Pisces, must also at the same time exactly conjoin the first degree of Sidereal Pisces, and the last degree of Sidereal Aquarius.

According to modern astronomy, that event occurred most precisely on the Winter Solstice in 1999, when there was also a Full Moon, at perigee, on the solstice, nine days before Y2K. Thus, the dawn of the new Millennium, the one moment when virtually all of humanity came together in the awareness of one calendrical event, was also The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius."

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