Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thoughts on Gaia

The words of William Irwin Thompson:

"If Gaia is an important spiritual idea for our time, then we must remember that a spiritual idea is not something we think about but something that inhabits and shapes us. It is like a strand of DNA, organizing and energizing our lives. A spiritual idea is not just another bit of data to be filed away. It is incanational in a profound way, coming alive only when incorporated (made flesh) in our lives through our work, practice, effort, skill and reflection.

It becomes part of the foundation and architechture of our lives. Being a new icon for worship is not enough. Invoking the spirit of Gaia is insufficient unless we understand just how we shape and participate in that spirit, and how we in turn are shaped and participated in by it."

As quoted in Jason Keehn's "Ov earth (& planetary cultures...) An Interactive Tome"
(Jason is a friend and fellow blogger - see his stuff on www.eblips.net

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