Friday, December 22, 2006

THE SECOND COMING: The Messiah Has Come and the Messiah is YOU

My first Spiritual teacher Swami Muktananda said this:

"You are all pure souls. You were born pure. Your perfection was already with you. Each of you was a flame of that pure Self.

The Self is pure, perfect and always satisfied. And it never touches sin, virtue or impurity of any kind. I am sure you know this.

The Self is the embodiment of all gods and sacred places. It is the Self which is called consciousness and the highest truth. Let that Self revel with bliss in your heart-this is my greatest wish.

Love is the Self, love is religion, love is God, love is the path, love is the cult, love is the only thing of great value to acquire."


Isn't the time ripe (again) to dust off that self-identity and for each of us to take full responsiblity as human beings, as YOU (me), and live in as much joy and service of love as possible.

Even Time magazine is singing this tune: they have decided who the person of the year is, and it is YOU!

"Ball's in your court" the saying goes...

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