Thursday, December 28, 2006

A random conversation about the passing of James Brown and the transformation of planetary consciousness


My dear friends,

The following is a poetic rant that my long timefriend and I had this evening on the phone...

I was chatting this wee morning with my healer and musician friend, Sudama
who has a passion for being a beacon to inspire each of us to live as a radiant force of love energy.

Thought you'd enjoy the extemporanous interview...

Anyway, we were saying goodbye on the phone when he threw in the comment that James Brown Died on Chistmas...

Q - "James Brown died on Jesus' 'Birthday'. Good day to die, huh? I always thought he had good timing, and sense of rhythm :-) What do you think is the deeper meaning of the timing of his death?"

A - "It's time to break down the barriers between the performer and the audience so the egoic structures crumble away so we can achieve in small collectives everywhere.

Environments where people drop all the bullshit and are consciously co-creating a love field that is a nested hologram of sacred geomatry" ( co-creating is a term coined by Barbara Marx Hubbard ).

He continues - "This is difficult to achieve in egoic environments. Music, healing intention, awaremess of divine heart presence and mutual interconnectivity, create telepathic resonance that transmits coherency to a struggling world. We need new ways to harness chaos, to move with chaos. For example in Denmark and Holland they have instituted a policy of very minimal traffic rules, or even street markings... The sidewalk and streets are all blended together...

Q - "That's amazing, how do they navigate that system in a big traffic filled city like Los Angeles?"

A - "Well, in their system of chaos everyone has to be conscious and present, otherwise it would be life threatenin to everyone one.

Q - "It kind of raises the bar accross the board of the collective mind, correct?"

A - "Correct."

"It's as if. it allows the creator of the universe to be more present and consious cause there are fewer constraints on freedom. And then we can collectively experience the force more effortlessly."

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