Sunday, September 17, 2006

clean clear face

clean clear face

A poem I wrote on Feb 26 2005

A month ago I returned from my first trip to Ganeshpuri after so many years, never having visited before now.

I sat in Baba's Samadhi Shrine and wept for three hours, felt the light blast from Bhagavan Nityananda's Samadhi shrine and Gurumayi's warm friendly welcome. Not to forget the Bhadrakali Shrine on the road between nor to forget Sri Sri Sri Vajreshwari Devi.

Then to Nityananda Caves and Guruvan Ashram in Kanhangad Kerala, full of radically raw Young Nityananda Kali energy.

Down to Devi Shrines and Snake Temples in Central Kerala to arrive at Amma's ashram on Christmas day - the day of the birth of "our Lord"

Tsunami hit the next day and all was washed away with a tsunami of love, leaving only the clean clear face of a radiant beaming child in my camera lens.